Can two batteries make a water vortex in glass?


Is this real? Let scientists explain. Lol

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Batteries have two sides, one is negative and another is positive. Batteries convert chemical energy to electrical energy. Nowadays, we see multiple content on scientific experiments on social media platforms. Meanwhile, a viral video about a scientific experiment with two batteries was posted on X handle on 13, November 2023 and viewed by more than 1.8 million people.

In this viral video, a person is seen having a glass full of water on a table with two batteries and placing the positive side of the batteries on the glass at the same time. As soon as he places the batteries on the glass, the water starts swirling slowly and after some time it starts swirling faster creating a vortex. This is to show that batteries’ electrical energy can make the water vortex in the glass. The same kind of experiments can be seen here, here, here, here and here.

What is the Truth?

To know the truth,  we searched with relevant keywords and found a video on a Facebook page named “The Dab Lab” where the person demonstrated how to create such videos on fake science experiments and debunked it. The Dad Lab is a page of a father who shares simple science experiments.

The video description says that multiple popular fake science experiment videos are floating online, and those clips seem to show real science, but they are just smart camera tricks. These kinds of videos are edited in reverse mode and are shared with false claims.

Similarly, multiple other videos were uploaded on YouTube channel explaining that they made a water vortex initially by swirling it with an object and later recorded a clip showing two batteries.


This viral video claiming to show a scientific experiment of making a water vortex with two batteries is false and is just a smart camera trick that is played in reverse action.

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