Canada Toronto ‘Rogers Centre’ Stadium is falsely shared as Ekana Stadium of Lucknow


‘Ikana Stadium’ was built in Lucknow by the successful Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh ‘ Akhilesh Yadav ‘ GK K K K K K K K K K K K Kalas. This is the world’s first high-tech stadium in which even rain cannot disturb the match.

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In the 9-second viral video we can see a massive stadium surrounded by huge skyscrapers. The stadium is illuminated with lights and it has roof which can be covered when there’s rain or any kind of bad weather. This clip is shared claiming that it was built by Uttar Pradesh’s chief minister Akhilesh Yadav namely ‘Ikana Stadium.’ The user went on to add that, this is the world’s first high-tech stadium where even rain cannot disturb the match. Come, let’s check the authenticity of this claim.

What’s the truth?

When we started our research with a simple Google reverse image process, we found out that the claimed stadium is located in Toronto, Canada. Yes, it’s not from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. This proves that the viral claims are false.

When we intensified our research we got to know the history of the stadium. The stadium shown in the viral clip was initially called Skydome and later it got a name changed to Rogers Centre. According to the Bluejays website, “Rogers Centre remains the same today as it was when it opened in 1989 with the exception of several key cosmetic changes over the last few years. Formerly known as SkyDome, the venue was renamed Rogers Centre on February 2, 2005. Rogers Centre’s fully retractable roof allows the venue to be an open-air facility with the ability to close depending on weather conditions. This innovative roof function ensures that no event needs to be canceled due to inclement weather. The roof system features a series of three moveable panels and one stationary panel which takes 25 minutes to open or close fully. Architects Rod Robbie and Michael Allen designed the building patenting its retractable roof system.”

Meanwhile, we also got an article published by ‘The Times Of India’ in June 2011, titled “IIFA at the Rogers Centre, Toronto.” This article carries pictures of the same stadium from Toronto. In the report, ‘Once SkyDome now the Rogers center this ballpark with a retractable roof is you wish for in a stadium. Designed by architects R.Robbie and M. Allen, this 1989 marvel can house over 50,000 fans at any given time. Although it’s mainly a sports stadium, it also hosts conventions, trade fairs concerts, etc.’

Also, we got some pictures from a blog, which shows how the stadium was designed, and constructed with its latest newly renovated features.

According to the blog, rebuilding the stadium offers some pretty enticing opportunities to make the Toronto skyline a feature from the stands.”If you put a new stadium on the same location but tilted home plate a little more towards the northeast or directly north, the CN Tower and the Toronto skyline would be in direct view,” says Anderson.


This, clearly proves that, the viral claim about the stadium located in India is completely false whereas its in Toronto, Canada from 1989.

Also we got a timelapse video from the YouTube which shows the opening of this Rogers Centre. Moreover, we got a shorts video from the YouTube displaying the aerial view of the closing of the retractable roof of the Rogers Centre.

We have also done a comparison of both the venues down below for your reference.

Thus all the evidence, clearly proves that, the viral clip showcasing a stadium with retractable roof is located in Toronto, Canada called as ‘Rogers Centre’ earlier known as ‘Skydome.’

If India has this kind of stadium it would be in the news and there will be some reports covering such wonderful architecture. But, even after multiple searches we could’nt find any such claims or reports. So the viral claim is false.


Therefore, we conclude with the available evidence that the sensational clip showing a retractable roof stadium is not from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh rather its from Toronto, Canada. In reality, the ‘Rogers Centre’ is falsely shared as ‘Ekana Stadium.’

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