Car driver thrashed by Kanwariyas in Haridwar is not a Muslim, but a Hindu.


First this Muslim couple forcefully entered inside the car where there was a crowd of kanwariyas. And then hit the kanwariyas. After that the anger of the kanwariyas was visible there. But now an attempt will be made to tell you all through this one video that the Kanwariyas created havoc, did this, did that. The conspiracy to defame the Kanwariyas has been going on for a long time.

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Kanwar Yatra for this year started on July 4 and ends today (July 15). This is an annual pilgrimage journey of the devotees of Lord Shiva (Kanwariyas) where they walk barefoot carrying Ganges water. Meanwhile, a 0:31-second video clip of a brawl between a person driving a car and Kanwariyas is circulated widely. This video also shows the brawl ending up in overturning the car.

This video is circulated with a claim that the people inside the car are a Muslim couple and that the issue was between them and Kanwariyas as the car hits one of the kanwariyas. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here. This video was also shared by Sagar Kumar Sudarshan News and the post has around 1 million views, 10k likes, and nearly 5k retweets as of this writing.

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords we found that the man in the car is not a Muslim. Hindustan Times is found reporting the incident. It mentioned that the car hit one of the kanwars after which the kanwariyas blocked the car, thrashed the driver, forcefully evicted the driver and a burqa-clad woman, then overturned the car and vandalised it. The incident is said to have happened in Manglaur, Haridwar district in Uttarakhand on July 10. Other videos from the incident show Kanwariyas vandalising the car.

Hardiwar Senior Superintendent of Police Ajai Singh said, “A video of Kanwariyas getting violent and vandalising a car after it brushes with a kanwar in Manglaur area on July 10 is doing round on social. It is now being claimed on social media that an elderly couple belonging to a particular community (Muslim) was riding in the car and police took no action in this regard. It is not true. The incident has no connection to any community. A case has been registered on the complaint of the owner of the damaged car who has been identified as local resident Pratap Singh. The miscreants who indulged in violence are being identified.”

Uttarakhand Police tweeted a video clarifying that the incident of the car hitting Kanwas has no communal angle. The tweet is captioned “It is wrong to give a communal color to the incident of car hitting Kanwar in Haridwar. A case has been registered under Section 153 (A) regarding misleading and false propaganda on social media, in which legal action will be taken against such people. SSP Haridwar Ajay Singh’s bite in the above relation.”

Haridwar Police Facebook page also tweeted the video mentioning that it is wrong to give communal form to the accident that happened. Two persons were arrested in this case. And the police have also registered a new lawsuit against persons spreading communal comments/news in this case on social media, for further legal action.


It is found that the driver of the car that hit a Kanwar is not a Muslim but a Hindu, Pratap Singh. But Kanwariyas misidentified him as a Muslim and the brawl ended up in overturning the car and vandalising it. Police clarified that the accident has no communal angle.

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