Video of a car bouncing off the roofs of two other vehicles is not real but animated.


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A 5-second video clip of a car bouncing off the roofs of two other vehicles to land on the other side of the road is shared widely on Twitter. Some of the posts with the video can be seen here and here. This video is viral since 2021.

The viral video is posted with the caption in Hindi as “जिसका साथ ईश्वर और समय देता है वो अच्छें अच्छें को मातदेता है”.

What is the truth?

When reverse-searching the keyframes of the viral video and searching with relevant keywords, we found that the video is not a real incident but an animated one. An old video shared in 2021 is found while reverse searching the keyframes and it has a watermark ‘2NCS’ on it.

With further search, we found the same video with better resolution posted on the ‘2ncs’ Instagram page on 6, April 2021. The hashtags ‘3d’, and ‘animation’ can be seen in the caption of this post.

The same video is also found on the Facebook page of ‘2NCS’ uploaded on 6, April 2021. The about page of the Facebook profile mentions ‘artist’. And multiple similar animation videos of cars can be seen on this page.

The ‘2ncs cg artist’ webpage is found mentioning the details of the artist Dionys Saka. He is a senior-lead automotive CG artist from Greece. The page also displays the details of the software used to create the car stunt animation videos.

There were a few other animation videos shared as real earlier. Youturn fact-checked and published articles on them which can be read below.

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It is found that an animation video of a car bouncing off the roofs of two vehicles created by a CG artist is shared as real.

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