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Rumours that Tamil was excluded in Thiruvarur Central University’s board


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The following photo has gone viral on social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter, claiming that the nameplate placed at the Central University in Thiruvarur only features Hindi and English and not the Tamil language.

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This post has been published on the Tamilan Alex Facebook page and has more than 7,000 shares. They are commenting that immediate action should be taken and a protest should take place. Followers have also asked us to comment on the authenticity of the viral photo.

Fact Check

While doing a reverse image search for the photo it was featured in a daily newspaper Dinamani, titled as “Tamil Nameplate: Undiscovered Tamil Development Department and Labour Welfare Department” in 2019. However, there is no information on whether there is a nameplate in Tamil at Thiruvarur Central University or not.

Upon further search, an article published on on February 9, 2011 entitled “Tamil on Name / Billboard” featured a similar viral photo and a photo in Tamil.

In it, “Central University in Thiruvarur is functioning in a temporary building in the District Collectorate premises. One of the two ways to get there is a nameplate in both English and Hindi and the other is a nameplate in Tamil only. They have separate nameplates inside as well.”

The reason for the confusion is that the Central University has a separate nameplate for Tamil and a nameplate for Hindi and English. They questioned why they had a separate nameplate and what was the difficulty in putting it on a single board.

Similarly, the name is engraved in Tamil, Hindi and English on the entrance of the photo gallery featured on the website of Thiruvarur Central University. Also, we were able to see another photo of the University building with the same name order.

Earlier, it was rumoured that a nameplate in Tamil was not placed at the Chennai Central railway station. Similarly, there was also confusion as maybe they did not see the first nameplate for Tamil.

Tamil language not deleted in Chennai Central!


In our search, we came to know that the information spread that the Tamil language has been removed from Thiruvarur Central University is false and that there is a separate board for Tamil and a separate board for Hindi and English.

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