This article is from May 25, 2021

Photo of dead bodies placed in a queue claimed as it was taken at the Chennai Electric Crematorium!


At the Chennai Corporation Electric Crematorium. This is that DMK’s dawn.



In Tamil Nadu, in recent weeks the number of corona infections case has been on the rise. This leading to allegations that patients are are not getting enough beds and oxygen supplies in the hospitals.

Meanwhile, a photo continues to be shared on social media captioned as the dead bodies are kept in a long queue at the E-Crematorium in Chennai.

Fact Check:

When we reverse search that photo that goes viral it results as, ”The 69th photo in a photo gallery published by the outlook website on April 21, 2021.

Below the photo, the description states that the dead bodies placed in the queue line at the Hindon River Cemetery in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

Similarly, another photo taken at Hindon Cemetery was published in the Hindustan Times on April 18. Let’s compare the two.

According to a Thandhi TV news release on May 8, relatives waited for 2 hours as more bodies arrived at the Villivakkam cemetery in Chennai.

Similarly in the Puthiyathalaimurai news released on May 11 quoted as people waited there for more than 3 hours to cremate the dead bodies at the Chennai cemetery.


In our search, we came to know that the photo which is claimed to be shared as dead bodies placed in line at the Chennai Corporation’s electric cemetery was taken at the Ghaziabad cemetery in the state of Uttar Pradesh last month.

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