This article is from Nov 08, 2021

A picture taken in Gujarat shared as Chennai road by BJP Treasurer !




North-east monsoon has started in Tamil Nadu on October 26. Due to intermittent rains, roads of areas including Chennai are seen with stagnant water. The lakes around Chennai also has opened the excess water.

It can be seen from the news that people in Chennai are suffering because of the stagnant water from the roads entering their houses. This is the scenario every time during heavy rainfall in Chennai.

Meanwhile, BJP Treasurer S.R.Sekhar has tweeted a picture claiming that it is a picture from Chennai and described as roads that have become swimming pools in a day due to rainfall.

What is the Truth?

When the picture is reverse searched, it is seen that the photo belongs to the Gujarat floods and is published in news articles since 2017.

In 2017, Indian Express and Hindustan Times articles captioned the picture as “People stand in a queue to collect drinking water from a municipal tanker at a flooded residential colony in Ahmedabad”.


It is apparent that the picture shared by BJP Treasurer is an old one from the year 2017 taken in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and not from Tamil Nadu.

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