Rumour has it that Chess Olympiad has given a marketing contract to director Vignesh Sivan!


The contract for marketing the Chess Olympiad 2022 has been given to a firm called Mitsun Ad Private Limited, No.68/6, Muniyandi Kovil Street, Jai Nagar Main Road, Ponmeni By Pass Road, Madurai.

One V. Shiva Vignesh is a majority shareholder in this firm.Though this firm got the contract, Mitsun Ad Private Limited is outsourcing all the work and just receiving a major chunk of the money as commission. The said Shiva Vignesh is a film director popularly known as Vignesh Sivan.

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The 44th Chess Olympiad will be held in Mamallapuram, Tamil Nadu from July 28 to August 10. The song related to it is directed by director Vignesh Sivan with AR Rahman’s music.

Savukku Shankar has posted on Twitter that the contract for marketing Chess Olympiad 2022 has been given to a company called Mitsun Ad Pvt. Ltd., and the company’s major shares are being owned by actress Nayanthara’s husband and film director Vignesh Sivan.

What is the truth?

When searched on ‘zaubacorp’, for “Mitsun Ad Private Limited”, the name of one of the directors of the company is listed as Siva Vignesh, whereas his father’s name is mentioned as Velayutham. Savukku Shankar’s post also mentioned V. Siva Vignesh.

However, “Sivakolundu Vigneshwar” is listed among the directors of Rowdy Pictures Private Limited, owned by film director Vignesh Sivan. Vignesh Sivan’s father’s name is Sivakolundu. Vignesh Sivan is also a partner in WIKKI FLIX LLP.

Director Vignesh Sivan’s father Sivakolundhu and his mother were both police officers. His father Sivakolundu is not alive now.


Our search reveals that the director of Mitsun Ad Pvt Ltd who is said to have been awarded the contract to market Chess Olympiad 2022 is Siva Vignesh and not film director Vignesh Sivan. They both are different individuals.

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