This article is from Jun 09, 2021

Fact Check: Is Black fungus spread through Chicken and Mutton?


Black fungus is spread by broiler chickens, so do not buy it at a low price.

Doctors have discovered that black fungus can spread very quickly if you eat chicken/mutton.



In India, in the time of the Covid-19 second-wave outbreak, the spread of the black fungus has also caused significant deaths.

Meanwhile, some photos have been circulating on social media claiming that doctors are reporting the spread of black fungus through chicken and mutton as well.

Black fungus infection was reported to be more prevalent in those who recovered from corona infection. However, myths are being created on social networking sites that black fungus is also caused by meat and onions. There are no reports of black fungus being spread through the meat.

Twitter link 

The official PIB Twitter page of the Government of India posted, “There is no scientific evidence that black fungus is transmitted to humans by farm chickens.”

Even though many times posts like this are made for satire, but most people think they are true and spread them on social networking sites, including WhatsApp, creating unnecessary tension.


In our search, the claim that black fungus was spreading from broiler chicken and mutton is a rumour. It is also learned that earlier also rumours of corona spreading through chicken and mutton were spread on social media.

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