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Game Video Spreads As China’s new High Speed ​​Flying Train!


The name flying train, it applies to this train introduced by China. This train has no wheels. Boxes with more powerful magnets are placed. It is so amazing, bizarre and unbelievable to watch.

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The 4.32-minute video has been shared in several languages, showing that the high-speed flying or floating train introduced by China had no wheels and was replaced by boxes with powerful magnets.

Fact Check:

Searching for the flying train, you can see the viral 4-minute video featuring the video titled  “ Kereta Api Turun dari Langit (Game Only) ” on the Dendi Komara Railfans ID YouTube channel uploaded on August 10, 2020.

The title of the video is Game Only. This Simulation Clip is being misrepresented as China’s flying train.

China’s Maglev trains are designed to travel on the track through an electromagnetic field using a superconductor. It has no technical wheels and is said to go high due to low friction.

The South China Morning Post has released a video on the introduction of the prototype of the Maglev train on January 16, 2021. This type of train is said to travel up to 620 km per hour.

Although the Maglev train introduced by China is said to be the fastest, it does not fly in the sky but travels on the special track for the train.


In our search, we learn that the video that spreads as the flying train introduced by China is the same as the scenes featured in the game video, and it is also from the model design of the Maglev’s train introduced by China.

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