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A viral video where aeroplanes and helicopters are swept away by floodwater claims to be in China !


It is heavy rains in 1000 years of China’s history. The video footage shows aeroplanes, helicopters, trucks, buses and cars being swept away in floodwater. This seems to be the punishment to China from the almighty for planning to destroy the world.

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A 1.20-minute video clip is being circulated on social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook claiming that floodwater by heavy rains in 1000 years of China history swept away aeroplanes, helicopters, buses and cars.

What is the truth ?

China’s heaviest rainfall in 1000 years lashed Henan resulting in a devastating flood. The city of Zhengzhou has experienced severe rainfall which down-poured three years worth of water in just three days. This killed at least 33 people as per ‘BBC News’ dated July 21.

It is also seen in ‘BBC News’ the images and video clips of parked cars getting stuck in water which began floating.

But social media users seem to circulate a video clip where floodwater swept away aeroplanes, helicopters, buses and cars. When we searched with the keyframes of the video clip, we found ‘Reuters’ video on ‘wsj’ website in 2011, titled “Raw footage of planes swept away by Japan Tsunami”.

‘The Atlantic’ website has published a sequence of images where the aeroplanes and helicopters seem floating. It is mentioned that the images were taken from video footage dated 28th April 2011 from the Japanese Coast Guard.


The viral video is of a Tsunami in Japan in 2011 but is being circulated on social media as footage of China flood water sweeping away aeroplanes and helicopters.

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