An emotional organ donation commercial video from China is shared as real incident in Singapore


This was a clip taken of a child whose mother died while giving birth. The heart of the woman was donated to the person wearing a black shirt. Pl. watch the reaction of the child when the person wearing the black shirt holds the child. The child can recognise the heart beat of the mother. This video was recorded in Singapore and immediately went viral.

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An emotional video clip is viral on social media platforms claiming that in Singapore, the heart of a mother who died while giving birth, was donated to the person with black t-shirt in the video and when he holds the child of the mother, the child could recognize her heartbeat in him. Some of the posts with such claim can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

This video was viral since 2018. YouTurn fact-checked this claim and published an article in Tamil on 6, October 2019The logo ‘CCTV’ can be seen at the end of the video. CCTV is a media outlet in China. This video was posted on CCTV Facebook page on 13, June 2017 mentioning about organ donation.

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This video was published on ‘F5’ Youtube channel on 6, March 2017 with the title ‘Touching Chinese organ donation commercial’.

In addition to it, the video screen-grab that has CCTV logo in it is translated using google lens and found ‘Advertising Management Centre’ mentioned below CCTV logo proving that it is an advertisement clip on organ donation from China.


It is found that the video is not about a real incident captured in Singapore as claimed. It is a commercial advertisement video on organ donation from China.

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