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Taiwan does not shoot down Chinese warplane | Videos going viral!


Taiwan has shot down a Chinese warplane and a Chinese pilot was injured.

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A tense situation has arisen due to the border dispute between India and China. Meanwhile, a video of Taiwan shooting down a Chinese Su-35 fighter jet has gone viral on social media. The Indian National Army has shared two videos on its Facebook page claiming that a Chinese soldier was injured in the shooting down of a Chinese warplane in Taiwan.

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Indians are sharing this video more and more due to the conflict situation between India and China. The video is going viral in India. Therefore, we decided to find the truth about this video.

In response to online rumours that a Chinese Su-35 fighter jet had been shot down by Taiwan’s air defence system, the ROC Air Force dismissed this as fabricated news. We urge Netizens not to spread it and strongly condemn such acts.” as published on the Twitter page of the Ministry of National Defence of Taiwan.

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Taiwan’s denial of reports about the misinformation on social media that their country had shot down a Chinese warplane has been reported not only in Taiwan and Indian news but also in international news. Also, the Taiwanese news outlet has reported that many rumours are circulating regarding the video of the warplane. CGTN News Producer Shen Shiwei posted Taiwan’s denial on his Twitter page.

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Several videos have been circulating on the social networking site that China’s warplane Su-35 has been shot down. However, it was not possible to personally confirm where the footage of the plane crash featured in the viral video was taken, whether it was hit or crashed due to technical reasons. No Chinese news has been released regarding the shooting down of the Chinese warplane.

The conflict between Taiwan and China, which is located near China, is on the rise. The Republic of China claims that Taiwan, an autonomous country, is under their control. Thus, Taiwan is seeking the help of the United States.


In our search, we learned that the Taiwanese Ministry of National Defence has denied reports that a Chinese warplane had been shot down by Taiwan, and that many confirmed and unsubstantiated videos were being circulated.

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