China‘s Halloween Party decorations are falsely linked to Haitian violence.


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Haiti’s most infamous gang boss, known as “Barbecue,” might be the most powerful person in the country. The United States declared on March 10 that extra military had been sent in to safeguard the diplomatic facility in Port-au-Prince and that American citizens had been evacuated from the US Embassy.

The majority of the gunmen causing chaos in the nation’s capital are led by Jimmy Chérizier, the notorious “G9 and Family” gang boss, who has pledged to fight until Prime Minister Ariel Henry steps down.

The 47-year-old mobster with a rifle is known by some for his habit of setting his victims on fire; however, he claims the term originated from a childhood nickname his mother gave him.

Meanwhile, a 7-second viral video purportedly showing two young men’s dead bodies has been roasted. We can also see both human bodies rotating and roasting above the coal heat, and both human naked bodies’ hands and legs are tied by ropes very tightly and being barbecued above the charcoal.

Sharing this viral video, many claim that it is from the United States, and a few share that it is from Haiti, as can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

We ran a reverse search using the keyframes of the viral video, and we found the original video posted on the Instagram account Galaxychimelong on October 31, 2018, with the mentioned location being Hengqin, Guangdong, China.

Furthermore our search led us to a Facebook video dated October 17, 2018, which emphasises that it originated during Halloween events at the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in Zhuhai, China.

Additionally, we searched with keywords on YouTube, and we found a Halloween party at Chimelong Ocean Park video posted on the SviateMe YouTube channel on October 27, 2018.

Thus, we deduce that the widely shared viral video is from Halloween Party, China, which has been falsely linked with Haiti and US violence.


China’s amusement park Halloween party video has been falsely linked with Haitian violence.

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