This article is from Jul 23, 2021

Fake tweet claiming that Thirumavalavan condemned Modi for bankruptcy of Chinese banks !


Chinese banks announced bankruptcy due to the dictatorial tendency of the sanadhana fascist Modi government. It is banned to withdraw more than 1000 Yuan.

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A post with a screenshot claiming that MP Thol. Thirumavalavan has tweeted condemning Indian Prime Minister Modi and his government for the bankruptcy of Chinese banks, along with a comment to the tweet is being shared across social media.

What is the truth ?

It is precise that a fake Twitter account has been created in the name of MP Thol. Thirumavalavan and a tweet with few spell errors is published from the said fake account.


Twitter link | Archive link 

When we searched for the Twitter account and the one who commented on the tweet, it resulted that the fake account named @thirumaoffical was removed. It is also evident that the real Twitter account of MP Thol. Thirumavalavan is verified with a blue tick. Tweet that was not posted in his real account was taken a screenshot along with a comment and is being spread across social media.


Also, be observed that fake news cards as if it is spoken by Thirumavalavan and fake news with his photoshopped face were shared before.

Conclusion :

It is evident from our search that the tweet condemning Indian Prime Minister Modi for the bankruptcy of Chinese banks is from the fake account created in the name of MP Thirumavalavan and it must be stressed that the Twitter account is removed later.

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