Viral video of a police inspector attacking a youth in Chinna Salem. What has happened?


Will action be taken against the inspector who barged into the house of the person who posted about the police taking bribes in Chinna Salem on Facebook?

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A 3-minute video claiming that a police inspector is attacking a young man for posting on Facebook about the policeman taking a bribe in Chinna Salem has gone viral on social media.

What is the truth?

The viral video of a police inspector attacking a youth in the Chinna Salem area did not happen recently but occurred in 2020. The incident has been published on several news channels at the time.

Sakthivel, secretary of the PMK from Moongilpadi village near Chinna Salem in Kallakurichi district in April 2020, has posted on social media condemning the arrest of PMK members by Chinna Salem police inspector Sudhakar.

This angered the Police Inspector Sudhakar and he entered the house of Sakthivel at midnight on April 10, grabbed his shirt, pulled him out of the house and severely beat him. The video taken at that time has been shared on social media.

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The Kallakurichi District Superintendent of Police has ordered the transfer of Sudhakar to the Armed Forces following the viral video of him attacking a PMK administrator on social media.

Commenting on the incident, PMK Founder Ramdas said, “It is not enough to just transfer a police inspector to the Armed Forces. While he was being given the task of eradicating alcohol, he came under the influence of alcohol and cut off the electricity and attacked the PMK member, which is an act of desecrating the sanctity of the police”, he condemned.


In our search, the video claiming as the police beating the person as he has posted the video of a policeman taking bribe is found to be taken 2 years back when the police inspector attacked a PMK member for condemning the act of arrest of his party members on Facebook.

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