Chocolate Apple Candy making video shared as artificial apples.


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A video showing a set of people painting red colour on apple-shaped items is circulated as making artificial apples. The video purportedly shows a manufacturing unit with a set of employees working on painting the apple-shaped items and stacking them for sale. This video is viral with a similar claim at least since 2022.

What is the truth?

When reverse-searching the keyframes of the viral video we found an Instagram post carrying the viral video with no relevant information about it. Some of the users in the Instagram post and on the other viral posts commented that the apple-shaped items are for decorative purposes.

We also found an extended version of the viral video on TikTok. The video was posted in 2021 with the hashtag ‘Merry Christmas’. The audio of this video can be heard as wishing for Christmas unlike the one in the viral video. This TikTok video has a couple of images in addition to the visuals in the viral video. These images appear to be an apple-shaped item wrapped on a sheet printed with the words conveying Christmas wishes.

When reverse searching these images we found a site shoppe that displayed the apple-shaped items. This item shows a hollow apple-shaped candy filled with chocolates. The gift wrap of this item is more likely to be the one seen in the TikTok video with a hemisphere transparent plastic dome-shaped cover. This product is not a real apple but the candy is made in such a shape and is coloured red to match the real apples.

We also found a Youtube video tutorial on making red candy apples for Christmas using the real apples. The real apples are seen undergoing airbrush food colouring manually. And this candy apple is said to have been made for Christmas.

We could not ascertain the whereabouts of the video, but could find that the items seen in the viral video are not artificial apples but chocolate candy apples.

Earlier there were posts about artificial sugar and artificial cashew nuts. Youturn fact-checked and published articles on the same.

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It is found that a video of making apple-shaped chocolates is shared with a false claim that artificial apple is in the making.

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