A staged video of trained fighters is used for spreading Islamaphobic claims


France Paris Metro Underpass. A bunch of Islamic Migrants were doing what they do best, molestation of women. Unfortunately for these bastards, these 3 women were French para-military personnel.

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The 30-second video shows three women walking through the Paris metro underpass being molested by a group of men. Interestingly, we see the women fight back in a striking way. This post was shared with Islamophobic captions and it claims that the men involved are immigrant Muslims who do such things. Also, the post claims that the three women are French para-military personnel, so they fought back in an astounding way. Similar claims can be seen here, here, and here.


What’s the truth?

While doing the keyframe analysis, we found the exact same video, uploaded by the Instagram handle namely ‘campus.univers.cascades.’ The original video was posted on 2 November 2023 with the caption, “Street fight.” Also, when we looked through the post they added hashtags like street, fight, martial arts, stuntlife, cinema, choreography, action, stunt team, and many more.

According to their website, “Campus Univers Cascades (CUC), created in 2008, is a professional training center dedicated to stunt techniques in cinema and shows.” They have also added that, “The goal is to offer the best possible training throughout the world, supervised by a team of experienced professional stuntmen recognized in France (including choreographers, stunt coordinators, and even members of the Yamakasi).”

This clarifies that the circulated video is staged, well choregraphed and executed. This choreographed video is used to spread Islamophobia. We have covered similar instances of such content spread online.

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The women in the viral video were not harassed in Paris by Muslim immigrants. Such claims are false. This was a choreographed video by a stunt training organisation.

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