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Did Director Thangar Bachan support the Cinematography Amendment Act ?


Cinematography Amendment Act – Thangar Bachan Support. The Cinematography Amendment Act is welcoming. There is a crowd here to oppose whatever law the Union government brings in. we need to ignore them.

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A news card of the Sun News Channel has gone viral on social media saying that Director Thangar Bachan has expressed support for the BJP government’s amendment to the Cinematography Act. BJP supporters could be seen posting on social media pages that Thangar Bachan had commented in favor of the Cinematography Amendment Act.

What’s the truth?

While searching the Sun news Facebook page for a news card about director Thangar Bachan’s support for the Cinematography Amendment Act revealed that Thangar Bachan was actually opposed to it.

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In that news card titled, “Cinematography Amendment Act – Thangarbachan protest.”. According to the news card, the actor-director questioned , “ How dangerous is it to think that my film can be muted if a team from Delhi thinks so? Is Destroying the National Film Development Corporation not enough? Is the aim of the BJP government to eradicate cinema?”

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In an exclusive interview with the Sun News Channel, director Thangar Bachan has spoken out against the withdrawal of the film cinematography bill.

Earlier, it was reported that fake news was being spread against actor Surya and director Seenu Ramasamy for commenting against the cinematography amendment.

Conclusion :

In our search, the news card of the Sun News channel that spread that director Thangar Bachchan supported the cinematography amendment bill was an edited news. Director Thangar Bachan has strongly opposed the repeal of the law.

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