This article is from Nov 10, 2020

The doctor who wrote “City Scan” in prescription did not belong to Tamil Nadu | Insulting post in support of NEET!


This is why we order the Tamilians to study hard. Do you know why we need to choose NEET?

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In a prescription is given in a nursing home, a doctor writes as city scan instead of CT scan By quoting this the NEET supporters states this is why we order the Tamilians to study hard and that’s why we need to choose NEET?

The prescription issued at Samina Maternity and Nursing Home on August 8, 2018 mentions “City Scan of Brain”. With this, they are mocking the ability of Tamil Nadu doctors. But, that nursing home is not located in Tamil Nadu, it is located in Hyderabad.

While searching for the hospital, it was reported that the state of Telangana is located in the Talapakatta area of Hyderabad. However, it is not certain whether this was written by a doctor, assistant or anyone else.

They are insulting Tamil Nadu doctors by keeping a prescription issued at a nursing home in the state of Telangana thinking that they are registering in support of NEET exam.




Tamil Nadu has the highest number of doctors available for the lowest number of peoples (approximately 1 doctor for every 250 people). It is noteworthy that this achievement has been performed even before the NEET exam.



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