Claiming as first time Amarnath shivling was formed along with a scepter was Misleading.


Claim :

#MyParliamentMyPride Baba Barfani has also given an indication. Last time form of Baba Amarnath with the scepter (sengol) Har Har Mahadev

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Explanation :

Amarnath shivling formed this year along with sceptre i.e sengol for the first time.

During the Inaugural function of the New Parliament Building, the sceptre (sengol) which was placed  beside the speaker.

Keeping these apart, Amarnath Shivling was formed along with a scepter this year was the claim which is going virally on social media.

What is the truth ?

Here in Amarnath, shivling was formed due to water droplets falling from the cave’s roof during winter, and pilgrims every year during the months of July and August visit this temple to get blessings and it is famously called Amarnath yatra.

Therefore, by performing a reverse image search, it leads to several pages showing the image in those few links mentioned as, in the year of 2021 June Month during the corona pandemic, the Amarnath yatra has been cancelled and the image which depicts the same sceptre, the year before which was formed due to the water droplets in the ‘In feed’ website.

Same as the above, another website named ‘THE BITTER TRUTH’ resembles the same image as a sceptre(sengol) formed due to freezing water droplets (snow) in 2019 captioned as “First Darshan Baba Amarnath Barfani Ji 2019 Indian Army.

Also, we can see the structure of spreading ice posted on a video on the ‘Excelsior News’ Youtube page which was taken in June 2019 in an Amarnath cave where a lingam is said to appear in the snow. And on further search ‘ABP’ website released the same image in the month of May last year (2022).

Various images of Amarnath cave temple has also been shared in ‘JAMMU LINKS NEWS’  twitter page and  ‘Voice of Katra’ Facebook page which was taken on 2021.

Checking from those details, the shape called the sceptre is not the first to emerge. As in previous years, this year, too, a horn-shaped frost has appeared, which is misleading that the sceptre was formed this year.

Conclusion :

It is found that the sceptre was formed along with Amarnath the shivling in the cave this year,which was circulating on social media was misleading, and the horn-shaped frost forms every year in the cave.

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