Video of Cliff village in China is shared as a village in Arunachal Pradesh


Life has given us thousands of blessings, still we often have some complaint or the other almost everyday. According to you, what should the people of #अरुणाचल_प्रदेश ‘s village complain, for whom life is a new challenge every day.

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A 3.07 minutes compilation video of several small video clips where people climb a cliff carrying kids, heavy luggage, etc., is viral on social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook with the claim that it is from a village in Arunachal Pradesh. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here, here and here. And this viral video is claimed as Arunachal Pradesh from May 2020 and has been resurfacing often since then with the same claim.

What is the truth?

When reverse searching the keyframes of the video, a Greek article from the ‘mixanitouxronou’ website is found carrying the viral video mentioning it as cliff village of Atouler in southwest China. A Facebook post by ‘JoDe Font’ dated 4, June 2020 carrying the viral video is mentioned in the article.

A Facebook post dated 6, May 2020 by ‘Mega Curioso’ has the viral video with a description in Portuguese that says “The 72 families who live in the village of Atuler, in southwest China, have to climb the mountain practically every day to get to and from their jobs and school. In addition to facing severe isolation and poverty, the village is located on a mountain over 1,400 meters high. Did you know the Atuler village?”

The Facebook page of China Xinhua News is found carrying a matching visual from the viral video in one of its posts dated 5, July 2019 mentioning it as ‘steel ladder makes 800-meter climb easier’.

The Youtube channel of CCTV Video News Agency published a video of the village on 26, November 2016 with the title ‘Ladders of Heaven, Give new pitch to Cliff village’. The description part says Children who live on a cliff village in southwest China’s Sichuan Province can now climb up and down by new steel ladders, dubbed “ladders of heaven”, to their homes. Before the installation of the new ladders finished earlier this month, villagers could only use 17 rattan ladders hanging off the cliff. The Atule’er village in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, the home of 358 people from 76 families, is known as the “cliff village”, and is about 800 meters high.

A video published on the CNN website mentions that the village of Atule’er in Sichuan Province, China has been relocated to a new housing project as part of a government plan to eradicate poverty.


Video from Cliff village in China is falsely shared as a village from Arunachal Pradesh.

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