Clipped video of a woman is shared to claim that she criticized the Congress manifesto in front of Karthi Chidambaram!


Supposed to be uneducated (assumption so may be wrong), but the lady is smart, not falling for the gimmick by the INCIndia manifesto, and calls the bluff in front of @KartiPC

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The Congress party released its manifesto in conjunction with the parliamentary elections. There is a promise to give one lakh annually to poor families under the Mahalakshmi scheme.

In this case, an 8-second video is being circulated on social media where a woman talking with Karthi Chidambaram near her said, ‘They say they will pay you one lakh rupees per year, don’t be fooled’.

This post is shared with the claim stating “Supposed to be uneducated, but the lady is smart, not falling for the gimmick by the INC India manifesto, and calls the bluff in front of Karthi Chidambaram.” One can view a similar claim post here.

What’s the truth?

There is the ‘Polimer News’ logo on the viral video. We then looked through the channel’s social media accounts. Yesterday, they uploaded the entire video to their Facebook page.

The video shows a woman chanting “Namadu Otu (Our Vote)” while holding up the Congress flag. The woman is then approached by Karthi Chidambaram, a candidate running for the Congress party’s Sivaganga parliamentary seat, who takes pictures with her.

The woman recounts her experiences when she was eight and wanted to vote for the DMK. She continues, “At the age of eight, I first decided to vote for Dr. Kalaignar M. Karunanidhi. Given that Mr. Karthi Chidambaram is associated with our Kalaignar, I will also vote for him.”

After that, “Today, every parent is present. Do all of the daughters make money every month? You receive Rs. 1,000 each month separately. Is a bank account being opened for your daughter? Remember all of that. The Reserve Bank prints them. If they claim to be paying Rs 1 lakh annually, don’t be fooled by it. That’s their claim. That won’t all happen” she said.

Speaking out in favor of Karthi Chidambaram, the woman urged everyone to cast their vote for him. She has, however, criticized the one lakh rupees-per-year scheme without knowing to whom it belongs. Only a portion of the woman’s speech was clipped, and the news that she had questioned the Congress election manifesto in front of the party candidate was disseminated.


We, therefore, conclude that despite the claim made in the full video that has gone viral—that the woman berates Karthi Chidambaram for the Congress party’s Mahalakshmi scheme, which gives poor families Rs 1 lakh a year—she is actually seen campaigning for the party. This means the viral video is clipped and shared with misleading narratives.

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Indu Meenakshi

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