Clipped video of Islamic prayer at collectorate inauguration shared as Islamization.


Collector’s Office Inauguration ceremony by a Mulla in Telangana. I told you that Islamization has already begun in India. #HindusUnderAttack

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Telangana Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao inaugurated the integrated Collector office building complex in Nirmal district on 4, June 2023. Photos from the inauguration ceremony are circulated on social media.

Meanwhile, a video clip showing Islamic prayer during the inauguration is shared widely with the claim that the Collector office was inaugurated by a Muslim and that Islamization has already begun in India. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords we found that the claim is misleading. The inauguration ceremony included prayers as per the tradition of Hindus, Muslims and Christians, not just Muslims.

A live video of the inauguration ceremony is found uploaded on T News Telugu Youtube channel on 4, June 2023 with the title “KCR Public Meeting Live: Inauguration of Nirmal Integrated Collectorate | CM KCR Nirmal Live | TNews”.

The description part reads “KCR Public Meeting Live at Nirmal: CM K Chandrasekhar Rao will inaugurate Nirmal Integrated Collectorate, BRS party office and other projects, and later proceed to Address Public Meeting in Nirmal.”

The Hindu traditional rituals including performing aarti and chanting mantras can be seen from the 1:22:45 minute timestamp of the viral video of the inauguration event. And the ritual is seen carried out for around 5 minutes.

The Islamic prayers can be seen offered at 1:28:10 timestamp of the video and it continued for around a minute after which prayer as per Christianity was continued for around 2 minutes. This can be viewed at the 1:29:29 minute timestamp of the live video of the event.

In addition to it, images from the inauguration of the Nirmal Collectorate are seen published on the government website of Telangana CM which also has the photo of the Hindu ritual being performed during the event.


It is found that the video of Islamic prayer being performed during the inauguration event of Telangana’s Nirmal collector office is clipped and shared to falsely claim that Islamization in the country has started as a Muslim inaugurated the collector office.

It is to be noted that prayers as per the tradition of Hindu, Christian and Muslim religions were performed during the inauguration ceremony.

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