Clipped video of Rahul Gandhi’s no-trust vote speech in Lok Sabha is shared with misleading claims.


“Hanuman ji ne Lanka nahi jalaya tha” – Shri Shri Shri Shri Parmanand Rahul Baba ji quoting Italian/Chinese Ramayana

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Rahul Gandhi was reinstated to the Parliament after the Supreme Court ordered a stay on his conviction in a criminal defamation case over his ‘Modi Surname’ remark after four months. Congress said Rahul Gandhi will participate in the discussion on no-confidence motion in Lok Sabha as he has visited Manipur.

Meanwhile, a video clip of Rahul Gandhi’s no-trust vote speech in Lok Sabha is being circulated. The video shows Rahul Gandhi saying ‘Hanuman did not burn Lanka’. This video clip is shared mentioning that the line he quoted is from Italian or Chinese Ramayana.

What is the Truth?

We found one of the tweets by Shantanu, Rahul Gandhi’s supporter, carrying an extended version of the viral video clip. This video shows Rahul Gandhi saying “Like Ravan, Modi also listens to only two people, Adani and Amit shah. Lord Rama didn’t kill Ravan, his arrogance did. Lord Hanuman didn’t burn Lanka, Ravan’s arrogant did”, as the tweet is captioned.

When searching for the full version of the video we found a video titled ‘Rahul Gandhi’s Remarks | Discussion on Motion of No-Confidence | 09 August, 2023’ on the Sansad TV Youtube channel. The video description reads “Lok Sabha holds discussion on Motion of No- Confidence in the Council of Ministers”.

The viral video clip starts from 35:48-minute timestamp of the Youtube video. The sentence he said about Lanka alone is clipped inappropriately and is being shared.

ABP Live News reported the same in one of its articles titled: ‘Aap Bharat Mata Ke Hatyare Ho’: Rahul Gandhi Rips Into Centre In Lok Sabha Over Manipur Violence. The article reported that Gandhi took a dig at PM Modi: “PM Modi doesn’t listen to India’s voice… Raavan used to listen to just two persons — Meghnad and Kumbhakarna. Similarly, PM Modi listens to just Amit Shah and Adani.” This can be viewed at the 35:25-minute timestamp of the Sansad TV video.

The article further states that Congress became the second party to invoke Hanuman in Lok Sabha when Rahul Gandhi ended his no-confidence motion debate speech saying: “Lanka was not burnt by Hanuman. It was gutted by Raavan’s vanity.”


It is found that Rahul Gandhi said “Lanka was not burnt by Hanuman but was gutted by Raavan’s vanity”. But his speech is clipped inappropriately that he only said Hanuman did not burn Lanka.

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