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Clipped video of Rahul Gandhi’s slip of tongue during his speech is shared to ridicule him



Rahul Gandhi does it again 😂😂

“Mahatma Gandhi kehte the

SATTA ke raste ko kabhi mat chhodo”

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A video of Rahul Gandhi’s speech during the 85th Plenary session where he is heard saying “satta ke raste ko kabhi mat chhodo” translated as “Never leave the path of Satta (power)”, while explaining the meaning of ‘satyagraha’ is shared on Twitter to ridicule him. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here, here, and here.


What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords we found that Rahul Gandhi made a slip of tongue by saying ‘satta’ which he immediately corrected mentioning as ‘Satya’.

NDTV article dated 26, February 2023 while reporting about BJP Rajesh Munat’s mocking tweet about Rahul Gandhi’s speech, mentioned that Gandhi in his speech said, “Mahatma Gandhi talked about satyagraha. What is its meaning? Satyagraha means never leave the route to satta (power).” He, however, corrected it immediately and said, “Sorry, it means never leave the path of truth. There is a new word for the RSS and BJP.” And he further goes on saying “We (Congress) are satyagrahi and they are sattagrahi. They can do anything for power…”

The same piece of information is reported by other media channels including ABP and The Hindu. The Hindu Twitter page posted the article with the caption “The opposition #BJP in Chhattisgarh shared a clip of #Congress leader #RahulGandhi’s slip of tongue during a speech on the last day of his party’s 85th plenary session in which he described ‘satyagarh’ as the route to “satta” (power).”

The Indian National Congress YouTube channel uploaded a Live video of Day 3 of the Congress’ 85th Plenary session in Nava Raipur, Chhattisgarh. At the 2:34:15 minute timestamp of the video, the clipped viral video part can be seen. He can also be heard saying in his next line “Sorry, it means never leave the path of Satya (truth)” which is not included in the viral video.


It is found that a clipped video of Rahul Gandhi’s slip of the tongue is shared by BJP to ridicule him. The video clip of him correcting the word in his next sentence is not included in the viral video.

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