Amit Malviya shared a clipped video of Rahul Gandhi’s speech


Imagine being accused of spending crores to malign Rahul Gandhi when all one has to do is listen to his comical speeches…

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Rahul Gandhi-led Bharat Jodo Yatra is in Haryana for its second leg of the tour. Amit Malviya shared a video clip of Rahul Gandhi’s speech from Bharat Jodo Yatra mentioning it as a comical speech. This is shared in the context of Rahul Gandhi mentioning the population as 140 crore rupees as seen in the video clip.

What is the truth?

Several comments to this tweet by Amit Malviya say that the video is clipped. We searched for Rahul Gandhi’s recent speeches and found that the video clip is from 6, January 2023. Rahul Gandhi addressed a public rally in Panipat as a part of Bharat Jodo Yatra on the said date.

When searching for the full video, we found one on the Indian National Congress Youtube channel titled ‘Rahul Gandhi Full Speech | Panipat | Haryana ~ Bharat Jodo Yatra’ dated 6, January 2023.

Rahul Gandhi can be heard saying “I have a question in my mind… When the country’s population is 140 crore… why do only 100 richest people have 50% of the total wealth of the country… Do you see justice in it? This is the reality of Narendra Modi’s India,” in the first two minutes of the video. Following this, he goes on speaking about the country’s corporate wealth.

While uttering the words ‘Country’s population is 140 crores, he said by mistake as ‘140 crore rupees’ and he can be seen correcting it in the very next second. This part of the short mistake which was corrected immediately is clipped and shared by Amit Malviya highlighting the mistake alone excluding the correction made in the next second.

This is not the first time Amit Malviya is seen sharing a clipped or edited video. He peddles misinformation very frequently and Youturn fact-checked a few of his claims.

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Amit Malviya spreads falsehood on Rahul Gandhi. Again.


It is found that Amit Malviya shared a clipped video of Rahul Gandhi’s mistake which he corrected in the very next second.

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