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Minister trolled for planting coconut saplings in the name of Malaysian orange. What is the Truth?


The sapling looks like a coconut tree but is Malaysian orange.

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A picture of DMK members planting coconut sapling but are claiming it as Malaysian orange is being shared on social media. The troll is because of the name board that holds ‘Malaysian orange’ near the coconut sapling.

What is the Truth?

Malaysian orange represents a variety of coconut but not a type of orange. The short coconut trees that produce orange coloured coconuts are referred to as ‘Malaysian orange dwarf coconut’.

The person in the viral picture is the Tamil Nadu government’s Information and Technology Minister, Mano Thangaraj. On the 9th of August, he has posted on his Facebook page, “Ten varieties of native coconut saplings were planted at the Puthalam Government coconut seedling farm today”.


Facebook link | Twitter link | Archive link  

The set of pictures he posted also contains a picture with a name board ‘Malaysian Green’. The picture with the name board ‘Malaysian orange’ alone is being shared on social media.

“Minister of Information and Technology, Mani Thangaraj has informed that 16 crores worth Coconut value-addition centre will commence its operation soon in Shenbagaramanpudhur, Kanyakumari for the use of farmers”, reported ‘Hindu Tamil’ article dated August 11.


The social media post that claims coconut sapling is planted in the name of Malaysian orange is misleading. It is a Malaysian orange variety of coconut sapling in the picture.

When Mano Thangaraj, Minister of Tamil Nadu visited the government coconut seeding farm in Kanyakumari, ten varieties of coconut saplings were planted among which he has planted few saplings including Malaysian orange and Malaysian green.

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