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Is the photo taken at Coimbatore Government Hospital?


If you want to see around the city go to Coimbatore GH. Do not wander outside without the need to tremble.

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News and videos of the increasing incidence of corona in the Coimbatore region of Tamil Nadu are being shared on social media. Some videos and photos like this are being shared as you go to Coimbatore GH if you want to see around town.

In this case, the photo of a hospital is going viral on social media claiming that it was taken at the Coimbatore Government Hospital, where patients are treated in crowded beds. They have also posted this photo on the AsianetNews website, as there is a shortage of oxygen and bedding in Coimbatore.

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Fact Check:

No one was wearing a mask in the photo that went viral. The photo was posted on a Twitter page on March 15, 2020 as “Hospital in Bardhaman District of West Bengal” while doing a reverse image search.

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This photo is featured in a post published on the website thedoctorsdialogue in December 2019 .

On further search, Surjya Kanta Mishra of the Communist Party shared the photo in August 2019 on his Twitter page criticizing the Mamata government as the state medical college and hospital in West Bengal.

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In Coimbatore, 3,000 people a day are affected by corona, and the number of victims continues to rise. The news came on May 21 as there was a shortage of beds and oxygen in government hospitals.
Chief Minister MK Stalin, who visited Coimbatore yesterday, is in consultation with officials from the district administration on the Corona prevention work and the measures taken. He is inspecting the corona treatment centers set up in Coimbatore.


In our search, they are misrepresenting an old photo taken in West Bengal with the news that the corona impact in Coimbatore is increasing and hospitals are overflowing. We request our users to not share those false photos.

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