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Does it take 10 minutes from Coimbatore to Thrissur if travelled in Kuthiran tunnel ?


The tunnel from Coimbatore to Thrissur is open now. 2 hours of travel is just 10 minutes now. Thanks to the Government of India Infrastructure development. Maybe no media house will talk about such good news.

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Tunnel from Coimbatore to Thrissur is open now in Tamil Nadu. A 45-second video claiming that 2 hours of travel is now reduced to 10 minutes is shared on the Twitter page of the BJP State General Secretary, Ratnakar.

Several social media users have commented appreciating the efforts in the comments section. Few also have questioned the feasibility of reducing 2 hours travel from Coimbatore to Thrissur which is about 110 km to 10 minutes. Hence we get into fact-checking the claim.

What is the Truth?

BJP Secretary’s post talks about the Kuthiran tunnel built in Thrissur, Kerala. Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India, Nitin Gadkari has tweeted a post on the Kuthiran tunnel.

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His tweet says, “We will open one side of the Kuthiran tunnel in Kerala today. This is the first road tunnel in the state and will drastically improve connectivity to Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The 1.6 km long tunnel is designed through Peechi-Vazahani wildlife sanctuary”.

“Kuthiran tunnel’s construction work started 5 years back in Kuthiran mountainous terrain in Thrissur and Palakkad highway. This mountainous terrain in Mannuthy – Vadakkencherty highway has seen many accidents because of traffic congestion.

It takes 3 km travel to cross this intersection mountain between the road. It was planned by National Highway in 2016 to avoid this. Two tunnels are constructed for Palakkad – Thrissur and Thrissur – Palakkad highways which would add to a 6-lane pathway for 1.6 km. This tunnel reduces the travel time to 2 minutes to cross the mountain”, said an article dated 4th August published by News 18 Tamil Nadu.

One side of the tunnel is open now. The other half of the project will also be open soon. News on this tunnel is all over the Tamil, Malayalam and English news channels.

Kuthiran tunnel which is 20 km from Thrissur connects the Thrissur – Palakkad highway. This tunnel was constructed to control traffic congestion and to reduce accidents happening at this place.


It is evident that the 1.6 km Kuthiran tunnel claiming to be constructed from Coimbatore to Thrissur is a tunnel in Thrissur – Palakkad highway which is opened recently. This tunnel was constructed to reduce the travel distance of 3 km by eliminating the traffic congestion and to cross the intersected mountain in minutes.

Gujarat BJP Secretary who claimed that the travel from Coimbatore to Thrissur reduces 2 hours travel to 10 minutes if travelled in that tunnel has created a chaos on how to travel to Thrissur from Coimbatore in just 10 minutes.

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