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The Coimbatore “couple toilet” has been built in 1995 during Jayalalitha’s regime.


Coimbatore Corporation has built a toilet with two commodes next to each other without a wall between them.

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The viral photos and videos showing two commodes in one toilet are being widely shared on social media. The images and the video is used to target the DMK government with charges of corruption and misgovernance.

What’s the truth?

Looking at the video regarding this ‘couple toilet’ it is quite evident that it has been around for quite a few years. We contacted the Coimbatore Corporation’s PRO regarding the toilet and got a clarification that the toilet was built many years ago and was built for children, not for adults.

Coimbatore Corporation has also issued a press release regarding this. The press release states, “This toilet in Amman Kulam, Ward No.66 of the Coimbatore Corporation in 1995.” The press release also explains that there are separate toilets for men and women and this particular toilet is built for children’s usage under adult supervision, with the omission of the doors to avoid children locking themselves in by accident. The press release clarifies that since the toilet had remained unused for a long time, it had already been decided that it would be converted into a men’s urinal.

We probed if similar toilets are built elsewhere. We found that there was a similar toilet built in Bhiura village in Basti District, Uttar Pradesh. An article related to this can be found in Deccan Herald which also states that a state official had commented that the toilet was built in such a way to help children overcome their fear.

Contrary to the claims made on social media, the toilet with two commodes in Coimbatore was not built by the DMK Government. It was built in 1995 during Jayalalitha’s regime of 1991-96.


The viral ‘couple toilet’ was not constructed by the DMK Government as opposed to the claim made by several social media posts. This was constructed in 1995 during Jayalalitha’s regime and it was not constructed for adults, but for children’s usage.

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