A video from Colombia is shared as ‘love jihad’ in Madhya Pradesh


My Abdul is not like that, I have also got his name tattooed, I am also ready to become a Muslim, he raped and cut her, the latest case is of MP.


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A horrifying video is shared with the hashtag ‘Abdul’ picturing the video as ‘love jihad’ with sarcastic notes and claiming to be the latest case from Madhya Pradesh. Similar posts can be seen here, here, here and here.

What is the truth?

When the screen grab of the video with the accused in it is searched with Google lens, the ‘El Universal’ article dated 16, November 2022 is found with the information related to the viral video incident. It is mentioned that the event occurred in the La Paz neighborhood of Barranquilla in Colombia. The alleged attacker is Jesus Salvador Tovar Garcia and the victim is Milena Patricia Altamar Ojeda, reported the article.

With further search, the ‘El Heraldo’ article dated 16, November 2022 is found reporting the barbaric incident.

Another article from the ‘Zona Cero’ website dated 15, November 2022 too relayed the same information.

Several videos mentioning ‘love jihad’ is shared recently following the ‘Shraddha murder case’ deliberately to create a communal spin. Here are some of the videos that Youturn fact-checked.

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It is found that the viral video is from Colombia and is shared with the communal spin that it is related to love jihad from Madhya Pradesh.

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