Colour change of the fish in the viral video is not real but simple after effects.


You know what wonderful creature is this?

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A 13-second video clip of a couple of fish where one of them keeps changing its colour when water is poured is shared widely on social media platforms. Twitter users exclaim mentioning what a wonderful creature it is. Some of the posts with the viral video can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

To one of the viral posts, Twitter users have added links mentioning that the video is not real but simple after-effects. The Twitter page Hoax Eye (hoax fighter and fact finder as mentioned in the Twitter bio) quoted one of the viral posts and mentioned that the colour change is not real. The post also mentions “They are keying out the color of a certain shade. This is why some reflections in the bowl are changing colors, too.”

The Youtube channel ‘Lofix18’ uploaded a video with the title “How to change the colour of powers/clothes in after effects”. The description part mentions that the video explains how to change the colour of powers or clothes and hairs or possibly anything that has specific colour in Adobe after effects.

When searching to know if there is a variety of fish that changes colour, we found a couple of articles on the cafishvet and bechewy websites where both mention about ‘koi’ fish that changes its colour gradually over its lifetime. Additionally, ‘goldfish’ also changes its colour like ‘koi’. But no fish changes colour like how the fish in the viral video did.


It is found that the fish in the viral video did not change colour on its own or when water is poured on it. The colour change of the fish is due to after effects.

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