Computer-generated UFO attack work is falsely linked to the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict


A UFO trying to stop an Israeli merkewa Tank heading towards Gaza and avoid a bloodshed ufotwitter ufoX why is mainstream media not covering this and the government silent.

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After the unexpected terror attack on Israel by Hamas-led Palestinian militant groups’ on 7 October 2023, Israel has been besieging and bombarding the Gaza Strip, worsening the humanitarian crisis each passing day. Amidst the current tension there are numerous videos daily shared on social media linking it to the war.

Here in the 9-second viral video posted by nikola 3 on X, we see a blurred video which is claimed to be a footage of a tank firing at an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO). This post has garnered a whopping 674.4K views on X as we write the article. This is shared with a claim stating that the UFO is trying to stop the Israeli tank heading towards Gaza. Many social media users have shared this post with similar claims can be seen here and here.

What’s the truth?

When we started our research using the keyframes from the viral video, it led us to an instagram post uploaded on 27 September 2023 implying that the video is around even before the ongoing conflict in the middle east even began on October 2023.

Going through the account of “the.ufo.street.journal” which has posted the video, we were able to many such videos that are digitally altered, computer generated or AI-generated.

The X ID that posted this video has also been spreading various conspiracy theories such as the one below.

Even in a reply to a post that was critical of the post featuring the viral video, the reply was another conspiracy theory.

Lately, the internet is flooded with several misinformation and many such viral clips falsely linking it to ongoing war between Israel-Palestine.

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The claim that a UFO stopping the Israel tanks heading towards Gaza with the viral video is false. The video is around even before the violence broke out on October 2023 and it largely appears to be a computer-generated video.

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