Congress cadres did not vandalise English signboards in Bengaluru. 

Rishi Bagree, Vishunuvardhan Reddy among others claim so but it was actually done by Karnataka Rakshana Vedike activists.



Congress workers target English Sign boards in Karnataka. Same congress workers consider an Italian woman as their mother.

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There are severe protests by Kannada activists protesting for implementation of the ‘60% Rule’ where 60% of a signboard should feature Kannada texts while the remaining can have English or other languages. The protest is spearheaded by Karnataka Rakshana Vedike(KRV) and includes Kannada activists from other groups as well. There have been several instances of mob attacks which vandalised signboards that did not prominently feature Kannada texts. Several photos and videos of these ongoing protest is being shared on social media. Rishi Bagree, a well known supporter of the BJP, had used a photo of such vandalist act with claims that that was committed by Congress supporters. 

Using some other photos and videos of the protest, Andhra Pradesh BJP State Vice-President  Vishnu Vardhan Reddy too alleged that the protest was done by goons sponsored by Congress.

Many others who predominantly support the BJP made similar claims which can be seen here, here, here and here

What is the truth?

When we ran a keyword search along with a reverse image search, we found out that the image was part of a report by The Hindu and The Business Line. The articles attributed that the members of Karnataka Rakshana Vedike were vandalising English signboards. The protest is covered by many news outlets such as ANI, The Indian Express, Live Mint and Outlook India

The Pro- Kannada outfits Karnataka Rakshana Vedike (KRV) members and other such groups vandalised the signboards of a business establishment during a protest over the demand that usage of English should be minimised  and promote the native language in banners and signboards, in Bengaluru. 

It was also reported by many media outlets such as ANI, The Indian Express, The Hindu, live mint and Outlook India

Even when BJP was in power, they were opposed to signboards in English. They strongly oppose Hindi Imposition as well which is widely covered by the media. See here, here and here. The ongoing 60% Kannada rule has been going for many years now and back in October 2019, an order was passed asking commercial establishments to give 60% of space in signboards to Kannada. The move was stalled due to an interim relief provided by the Karnataka High Court in December 2019. So, this is a Congress issue but an issue of the Kannadigas. Claiming this protest as a Congress ploy to play politics does not have any weight behind it. 


The ongoing language protest in Karnataka is done by Kannada activists of Karnataka Rakshana Vedike among other groups. Congress is not involved in these protests as similar protests took place when BJP was in power too.

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