This article is from Feb 08, 2021

Photoshoped image as Congress volunteers feed cake to Mia Khalifa poster!


Congress volunteers feed cake for the Mia poster and also poured tar on Sachin’s portrait.

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A photoshopped photo of Congress volunteers feeding cake to the former porn star Mia Khalifa’s banner has gone viral across India, with Congress volunteers black-painting a picture of Sachin posted in support of the farmers ‘struggle against comments made by foreign celebrities about the Indian farmers’ struggle.

In Tamil, just as critics of the Congress party have been shared widely by BJP supporters and supporters of the farm law have been also trending the edited image in other languages, including Hindi.

Archive link 

While searching for a reverse image the photo, which went viral, has been founded in the getty image site as an unedited photo taken when a youth congressman cut a cake to celebrate Rahul Gandhi’s 37th birthday in 2007.

Mia Khalifa’s photoshopped photo has been shared across India by removing a photo of Congress volunteers cutting a cake on Rahul Gandhi’s birthday 13 years ago.

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Earlier, American pop singer Rihanna, who tweeted in support of struggling farmers, went viral in India with photoshopping the image of herself carrying the Pakistani flag.

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