This article is from Aug 21, 2020

Do they give corona treatment for god idols? | What is the truth?


The corona has come to the god who is supposed to protect man so these stupid cowards can give treatment for the corona to the god. It is sad and painful to see such a stupid crowd in this era where India is sending more than a hundred satellites on a single rocket.

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During the period when the COVID-19 infection was on the decline a photo has been circulated as three people wearing garlands to idols lying on the bed claiming to have treated god idols infected with the corona. We decided to explore such a viral photo cult and to find where it happened.

While seeing these idols of God treating for corona, you can observe that it does not seem like treatment when you see it in a photo going viral on social websites. There were reports that even idols of gods wore masks during the Corona period.

But, no one in the photo is wearing a mask and the three people in the photo are not like the Indians. But, in the claim they are mentioned as Indians. Based on this, what is featured in the photo appears to be a cult and foreign devotees.

While searching for it, the idols worshipped in the video released on on July 26, 2019 are one of the idols in the viral photo. In both the hands of the idols can be seen upwards and in uniform attire.

Upon further searching, a video released on the Russian YouTube channel Valmiki das on July 26, 2019 featured post-decoration scenes of the statues.

The person featured in the photo can also be seen in the video. While translating the Russian title “Даршан Шри Панча-Таттвы на отдыхе”, it reads “Darshan Yuri Pancha-Tattva on holiday”. Upon searching for it, We came to know that it is a worship program conducted by Hare Rama is Hare Krishna organization.


In our search, we were able to find out that a photo of a religious event that took place in Russia last year was being twisted as a treatment for god idols affected by the corona in India.

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