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AIDS for Covid Vaccinated people ?


The tests have resulted that people who are vaccinated have developed the HIV that leads to AIDS. The vaccinated crowd felt happy that the vaccine would protect them from Coronavirus as said by the doctors and scientists. The vaccinated people were under observation to know the side effects of the vaccine. What have the scientists found out?

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A 25-second video clip of Thanthi TV Channel’s news claiming as the tests have resulted that those who are vaccinated have developed HIV is being circulated on social media.

What is the Truth?

When searched for the claimed video we found a Thanthi TV video dated 11th December 2020 titled ‘Covid vaccine that shocked the Scientists – what happened?’, which had the claimed video clip from 1.25th minute.

The video says, “Tests showed HIV developed in the body of vaccinated people. The doctors, scientists and Australian PM were shocked knowing it. With further tests and research, it is found that the results show HIV even if the virus is not present in the body. The Scientists have informed that no HIV causing AIDS or any other dangerous virus is found. This calmed the vaccinated crowd. The PM has banned the vaccine over the false results, and has asked t stop the 2nd and 3rd level of researches”.

11th December 2020 dated BBC article reported that Australia has banned the vaccine developed in Australia over false HIV response.


The Thanthi TV video claiming that the tests resulted in AIDS-causing HIV in covid vaccinated people is a part of the video published last year. The complete video says that the tests show false results as HIV response for Australian vaccines, and the research is dropped as reported in news articles.

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