IEP wrongly listed CPI instead of CPI (Maoist) among the terror groups of GTI and corrected it later


Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), an Australia-based global think tank organisation, in its recent report “Global Terrorism Index 2023” has placed the “Communist Party of India” (CPI) on the list of the world’s 20 deadliest terror groups of the year 2022 on the 12th position.

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Global Terrorism Index 2023, was released by the Institute of Economics and Peace (IEP) using Dragonfly’s Terrorism Tracker database. An image with the list of the 20 deadliest terror groups of 2022 is being shared widely on Twitter to mention that GTI has placed the Communist Party of India (CPI) in the 12th position on the list. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When searching for the Global Terrorism Index 2023 document we found it on the ‘Vision of Humanity’ website. When checking the table that lists the 20 deadliest terror groups of 2022, we found the ‘Communist Party of India (Maoist)’ in the 12th place but other listed terror groups remain the same as in the viral image.

With further search, we found Times of India article dated 17, March 2023 mentioning that CPI was listed among the deadliest terror groups on the International terror index. The article further mentioned that TOI sought comments from IEP, GTI press office and Dragonfly terrorism tracker on why was CPI, a national political party listed among the terror groups. Dragonfly acknowledged the error mentioning “Our data refers to a group called “Communist Party of India – Maoist” (CPI-M, a.k.a Communist Party of India (Maoist)).

Another article of Times of India dated 18, March 2023 is found mentioning that the team IEP in an email response to TOI mentioned that they have made necessary corrections as soon as they were made aware of the mistake. And a new link with a revised list was uploaded on the web where ‘Communist Party of India’ is changed to ‘Communist Party of India (Maoist)’.


It is found that CPI was wrongly included in the terror groups of 2022 in the Global Terrorism Index 2023 and later corrected to CPI (Maoist). But the old list is still being shared by many on social media platforms.

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