Yet another crime committed by a Hindu pinned on a Muslim man by social media users.

Photo showing Mohit Saini from UP’s Meerut is falsely claimed as Mohammad Israr


*Meerut Breaking……….*

Lesson to the predator on attempting rape

The woman bitten the lip of the accused

caught the woman and kissed her

Attack on a woman cutting grass in the field

Police arrested the accused

The name of the accused is Mohammad Israr

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An image of a person with torn lip is shared widely with the claim that Mohammad Israr got his lips bitten off when he tried to forcibly kiss a woman working in a field in Meerut, and that the accused was arrested later. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here, here, and here.

What is the truth?

When reverse searching the viral image it is found with the results displayed that the accused is not a Muslim but a Hindu. The Hindi News 18 article dated 5, February 2023 reported that the incident happened in the Daurala police station area of Meerut.  A woman was working alone in a field and finding this a man named Mohit tried to misbehave with her. The woman bit his lip when the accused tried to forcibly kiss her.

AajTak article published the content of the complaint letter written by the woman where she mentioned the accused name as Mohit Saini s/o Moolchand Saini, a resident of Mohalla Andawali Road Saini Nagar, Meerut. It is also mentioned that she brought Mohit Saini to the Daurala police station with the help of neighboring farmers.

Several other instances where a non-Muslim accused is deliberately shared as Muslim to create a false communal angle to the incident were fact-checked by Youturn earlier.

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It is found that the man whose lip was bitten off by a woman when he tried to forcibly kiss her in the case of sexual harassment in Meerut is identified as Mohit Saini, a Hindu. But the incident is shared with a false communal angle by mentioning the accused as a Muslim.

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