“One Neighbourhood One Holika” campaign by Dainik Jagran gets backlash.

Social media posts share a fake Dainik Jagran ad calling for “One Neighbourhood One Goat” for Bakrid.


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Several posts in Social media are sharing an advertisement supposedly from Dainik Jagran. The ad when translated states “One Neighbourhood One Goat”. The text below the headline states, “this time on Bakrid, if possible, sacrifice only one goat in the whole locality, it will increase affinity, reduce bloodshed, reduce wastage of water, and reduce the spread of filth.” See here, here and here.

What’s the truth?

Dainik Jagran had earlier run an ad campaign which called for “One Neighborhood, One Bonfire (Holika)” during the occasion of Holi on March 8th. This irked several right-wing supporters and it was perceived by many as an attack on Hinduism.

The ad further stated “This time on Holi, try to light only one bonfire in a locality as much as possible, instead of lighting different bonfires at a short distance. This will reduce pollution and will increase affinity. Do not obstruct the traffic, it will cause trouble to every one of us only. Use cow dung cakes instead of wood, to save our trees. Don’t burn anything that pollutes the environment”.

The initiative was also appreciated by Hardoi Police from Uttar Pradesh.


So, in retaliation to this, the viral image had been created by a right-wing meme page “Pradhanmantri Meme Yojna” on Facebook. The post itself states “This post is made in sarcasm and is not original cutting of dainik jagran.”

Right-wing website OpIndia had earlier wrote an article questioning if those who call for one holika per neighbourhood would call for one goat per neighbourhood during Bakrid. See here. Right-wing supporter Rishi Bagree too shared the same opinion on Twitter. See here.

Earlier, Dainik Jagran had spread misinformation that a Bihari migrant worker was killed in Tamil Nadu, but the migrant worker had committed suicide due to family problems.

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In our search, we find that the poster shared by many claiming to be from Dainik Jagran about killing only one goat per neighbourhood is created by digitally altering an earlier campaign by Danik Jagran during Holi calling for one bonfire per locality to reduce carbon emissions & save trees.

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