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False photo of Dalit boys being bullied for entering inside the temple!


In a temple in Uttar Pradesh, Dalit (Kopler) boys mercilessly beat and shaved off their hair and tied them to a tree as they entered the temple to receive the offerings distributed among the devotees.

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In Uttar Pradesh, a photo of boys from an oppressed community being tied to a tree, shaved and beaten as they entered a temple has gone viral on social media on Independence Day.  Followers also asked about the authenticity.

Fact Check:

Searching for reports of abuse of children from oppressed communities in Uttar Pradesh, no news related to the viral photo was released in recent times. Subsequently, while doing a reverse image search of the photo, on August 4, 2016, on the website ‘odishanewsinsight’, it mentions about the photoshop and false news spread about the photo being spread on social networking sites. 

In it, it was alleged that two hungry boys in the Sylhet area of ​​Bangladesh had been tied up for stealing food, shaved and beaten, and falsely propagated that the incident had taken place in Haryana. However, no evidence has been provided regarding the event.

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Earlier, on July 24, Praveer K Roy posted a photo on his Twitter page with the photo of him tying up boys who stole food for hunger in the Sylhet area of ​​Bangladesh.  Apart from this, there are many posts on social websites that the same happened in Bangladesh.  Since then, it has been shared for many years on social media in India.

There have been a number of incidents in India where members of the oppressed community have been attacked for allegedly entering the temple. Similar events have taken place in the last few years as well.  In 2019, a downtrodden community boy who entered a temple in the Mumbai area was forcibly tortured by being stripped naked and made to sit on a hot tile. Thus, while it is true that atrocities are still being perpetrated against members of the oppressed community in India today, the misleading photo associated with it is going viral on social media sites.


In our search, the spreading photo of a Dalit community entering a temple in Uttar Pradesh and abusing boys was misleading.  It is learned that the Bangladesh incident is shared for the past few years as it has happened in India.

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