Old photo of a Dalit family’s Naked Protest in UP falsely claimed as torture in Karnataka.


Feeling ashamed to know a #Dalit family in #Karnataka badly tortured nakedly & fined for entering a temple & touching idol. Simply curse!

R we Humans?

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A tweet with a picture of a few naked people is shared claiming that the Dalit community people are being tortured by stripping them naked as they entered the temple and touched god’s sculptures.

What is the truth?

Recently, a Dalit family is fined Rs.60,000 as a 15-year-old boy from the family touched a chariot that had a god’s sculpture, in a village festival in Karnataka. This was condemned and protested against. But no news on torturing them by stripping them for touching the sculpture was found.

When searching the viral photo with google lens, ‘The Hindu’ news article titled, “video of dalit family allegedly stripped by police creates storm on social media” dated 9, October 2015 was found with no image or video in it.

When searched with the keywords from the article, October 10, 2015, dated ‘Mangalore Today’ article titled ‘Dalit family strips after Greater Noida police fails to register FIR’ is found with the viral picture in it.

We also found other news articles from different news media including ‘zee news’, and ‘The Quint’, with other pictures from the incident in it.


It is clarified that the viral photo of naked people claiming that the Dalit family is stripped naked in Karnataka for touching the god’s idol is false. It is a photo of a naked protest by a Dalit family in Uttar Pradesh which happened years back.

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