Dancing video of a Brazilian actor is falsely shared in the name of Christian pastor.


Kollywood stunt master and actor Kanal Kannan arrested by Cyber Crime Police in Nagercoil for sharing a video of a Christian Pastor dancing with a woman, on social media: Tamil Nadu Police. Secularism and democracy

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Stunt Master Kanal Kannan was arrested recently in Tamil Nadu for hurting religious sentiments by posting a derogatory tweet against Christianity. The tweet carried a video purportedly showing a pastor dancing with a woman.

The video is viral now with the claim that Kanal Kannan was arrested for sharing a video of a Christian pastor dancing with a woman on social media. A couple of videos of the same person are widely circulated. Some of the other posts with such a claim can be seen here and here. Mirror Now also reported that the video shared by Kanal Kannan is of a pastor dancing with a woman.

What is the truth?

We found a reply tweet to one of the posts carrying the viral video, mentioning that the person seen in the video is not a priest. A link to an article on the ‘boatos’ website is also seen in the tweet.

This article mentions that the person seen in the viral video is not a real priest. It further states that the video was captured during the June festivities in Brazil. And the person is identified as actor Inacio Falcao in the role of Papa Popo.

The Instagram page named ‘papapopodoasfalto’ is with the username ‘Inacio Falcao Falcào’. When searching the page we found multiple videos of him dancing with women including the viral videos. He is seen in the same attire as that of the priest in most of the videos.

We also found his YouTube channel with the name ‘papapopocaruaru’ with multiple videos of him. The description part of the channel reads “Hello! My name is Inácio Falcão. I am an artist born in Caruaru. Creator of the character Papa Popó Caruaru. Which for several years has animated São João de Caruaru and other events such as: Carnival, Holy Week, Winter festivals, Regional parties, Moto Fest, Christmas, Private parties.”


It is found that a dancing video of a Brazilian actor in the guise of a pastor is shared thinking that he is a real priest.

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