The daughter’s skin color is photoshopped in the comparison of her dad’s liver transplant image

The viral image is altered. The original picture doesn't show any color change in the daughter's skin.


This image is shared in the context that the man’s daughter donated her liver to him after which her body colour changed.

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The extensively circulated infographic features a father with his daughter. In the first half of the image, the man’s skin is yellow; in the second, his daughter is depicted in the same hue, while his skin appears normal. A man posts a photo of himself before and after receiving a liver transplant. Some users even added that his daughter’s skin color changed after she donated her liver. The viral image has garnered around 13.3M views as of now, while we were writing this article. Several social media users shared this same image, making similar claims (see here, here, and here).


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What’s the truth?

After searching Google with the reverse image process, we found articles from July 2022 that included the same popular side-by-side image of a father and daughter. According to the UK-based news website BelfastLive, “Gareth Weeks, 37, was diagnosed with an incurable chronic liver disease six years ago and last year doctors said he was in urgent need of a new organ.”

The report also added, “After seven months of anxiously waiting for a call – with a hospital bag waiting at the door – he finally got the news to say a match had been found. By that time his skin was extremely yellow due to jaundice – his liver was unable to filter his blood properly – as seen in a shocking photo taken just five days before his transplant.

But a photo taken in the same spot just six weeks later, along with his smiling daughter Zara, six, shows just how far he has come in such a short time.”

When we intensified our research, we got another article published by titled “Dad Saved By Liver Transplant Shares Pictures Taken Before And After, Showing His Remarkable Recovery” in July 2022. The article also included a picture of the dad & daughter before and after liver transplant. Interestingly, the picture doesn’t show any color changes in the daughter’s skin after the transplant as the viral image displays.

We have also attached a comparison of the original and viral images for the reader’s reference.

The aforementioned reports ascertain that the comparison image of liver transplants that is widely circulated is fabricated and photoshopped. In addition, there is no proof that the daughter provided the organs for his liver transplant. In reality, the father got the donor through the hospital.


In conclusion, the picture that went viral and purportedly showed the daughter’s skin tone changes both before and after a liver transplant is a digitally altered image.

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