Death of David Miller’s little fan is erroneously shared as his daughter’s


David Miller Daughter, and his little princess die due to cancer ahead of India vs South Africa ODI. He shares a heartfelt message on his Instagram account. He wising goodbye to his little princess. Miller also shared a video and said “Rip my little

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It is viral on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that David Miller’s daughter died due to cancer. Many such posts can be seen on social media sites and a few can be seen here, here, here and here.

What is the truth?

David Miller, a South African Cricketer has posted on Instagram recently with the caption, “RIP you little rockstar. Love you always!”. This video is a collage of the little girl spending her time with David Miller.

The social media users mistook David Miller’s post of a little girl as his daughter’s and shared it widely. Several news media outlets also published the misinformation thinking it is true.

Abhishek Kumar, a Writer who covers MLB for ‘Essentially Sports’ sports media, took to Twitter to clarify that it is not Miller’s daughter but his fan whom he dearly loved. And that she died due to cancer now he has posted the video.

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David Miller did not mention the identity of the little girl in his Insta story or post. A sports page on Instagram named ‘Sports Breeze’ shared a post mentioning that David Miller replied to a post where they mentioned the little girl as Miller’s daughter as ‘Not my daughter’.

It is a clarification post from the owner of Sports Breeze, Mohammad Momin mentioning his apology for posting it as Miller’s daughter.

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David Miller’s ardent little fan died of cancer and he has posted a story of it which is erroneously shared as his daughter.

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