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Did H. Raja say that those who eat meat for Deepavali are not Hindus?


People who eat meat on Deepavali are not Hindus. Meat shops to be closed on Diwali after BJP rule in Tamil Nadu – H. Raja

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H. Raja of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has gone viral on social media, including Facebook and Twitter, saying that non-vegetarians on the day of Diwali are not Hindus and that butcher shops will be closed for Deepavali after the BJP comes to power in Tamil Nadu.

In Tamil Nadu, it is customary for many people to cook and eat non-vegetarian food on Deepavali. so someone edited photo like H. Raja said against it spreading it.

Only this edited photo of H. Raja making such a comment is circulating on social media. Conversely, nothing is shared with the news media as news card, Twitter post or video. Was able to understand that they were sharing an unsubstantiated generated message.

Following this, while reviewing H. Raja’s official social media pages, he said, “I wish this Diwali to bring joy to all the homes of the gurus of the Bharat world.” Only one 5 minute video and greeting photo for Deepavali has been posted on it. There was no mention of non-vegetarian food in that video either.

Facebook link | Archive link


In our search, the photo that stated as that H Raja said that the meat eaters on Deepavali are not Hindus is a fake one. It is also rumoured that H. Raja had said that the butcher shops would be closed on Diwali after the BJP came to power in Tamil Nadu.


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