Deer’s story created by merging 3 different videos is viral.


An incredible story about a deer and its offspring that has an extraordinary ending. (sound on)

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A 2:13-minute video of a deer’s story is shared with a claim that it is an incredible story about a deer and its offspring that has an extraordinary ending. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

The video is of a mother deer that seeks help from a vehicle driver seen on the road. The driver followed the mother deer and in ten minutes he found a fawn entangled in a football net. He rescued the fawn after which it ran into the forest. Later, his vehicle was blocked by the deer and fawn. The fawn is seen kneeling in front of the person to express its gratitude, says the video. This video is viral in Facebook.

What is the truth?

When reverse-searching the keyframes of the viral video we found that the video is framed by merging three different video clips and is not a real story.

The first part of the video that shows the mother deer blocking a vehicle claimed to be seeking help is found uploaded in the form of shorts on the ‘ViralHog’ Youtube channel. It is mentioned that the video was taken on 1, October 2022 in Springfield, Tennessee, USA. The description part reads “We drove up to a deer in the road not moving. I got out of the car and petted the deer before it moved.”

We found the next part of the viral video showing a person rescuing the fawn, is found uploaded by ‘The Dodo’ Youtube channel in August 2021.

The final part of the video that shows the fawn kneeling is seen on the ViralHog Youtube channel. The video is dated June 2022. The video title says ‘Friendly fawn comes by for head scratches’.

All three videos are captured in various locations and times but were merged to create a beautiful story.


It is found that the viral video of the mother deer and fawn is not a real story but was created by merging three different video clips.

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