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Does an Islamic fundamentalist participate in the Delhi farmers protest?


Islamic fundamentalist on farmers’ protests

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On the right-wing pro-government website Median, a message appeared with a photo of a man wearing a turban saying, “It is shocking that an Islamic fundamentalist was involved in the peasant struggle.” The basic source for this is the Facebook post of Sadagopan Narayanan.

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In his Facebook post, Sadagopan Narayanan said, “Nasir Mohammad suddenly became Navdeep Mohan Puria during the struggle in Delhi under the guise of farmers. This is the struggle of the enemies of the nation. Another drama is being staged with the help of Khalistan militants, selfish advocates like broker Yogendra Yadav, Naxals, CAA opponents. Those who cannot stand politically against Modi are fighting in the name of the peasantry. ”

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On other Facebook pages, Delhi farmer Ennaseer Mohammad, who took part in the struggle, shares both a screenshot and a photo of the Facebook page. We decided to explore the photos that are being spread like this.

Fact Check:

A search of Nasir Mohammad’s Facebook page, it looks genuine but the photo which went viral, claiming that it had been taken during a farmers protest was originally taken on April 8.

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Yes, on April 8, Nasir Mohammad posted the photo on his Facebook page. This photo was not taken while the Delhi farmers’ struggle was going on.

Last June, the federal government released three bills amending the agriculture law. Two months before that, the viral photo was posted on Nasir Mohammad’s Facebook page. The Agriculture Bill was enacted in September. Currently the farmers’ struggle is moving towards Delhi.

As such, many of them are spreading false rumours by abusing Nasir Mohammad and his Facebook page and his photo and engaging in a Delhi peasant struggle. Moreover, Muslims in other languages ​​have been spreading similar photos on social media sites of farmers participating in the struggle in disguise as Sikhs.

Similarly to misrepresent the Delhi farmers, some social media users shared an old video of police taking Punjab Sikhs as Islamists wearing turbans during a protest.

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In our search, the photo spread as an Islamic fundamentalist took part in the Delhi farmers’ struggle was the photo of Nasir Mohammad which was taken on April month. Moreover, without knowing the fact that he attended the farmer’s protest or not they are misrepresenting old photos as evidence.

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