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Did the people of Delhi IIT invent the egg bearing plant?


The eggs are laid on the plant. Those in Delhi IIT. The debate is going on whether the eggs are vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Vegetarian-derived eggs contain all the nutrients.

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The video begins with scenes showing an egg hanging from a plant being broken and taken inside. Later, footage of a Kannada news item on food discovered by Delhi IITs as an alternative to chicken eggs is featured. With this video, people have been spreading the word on social media all over India that Delhi IIT has found eggs in the plant.

The video and information spread by the Delhi IIT that they had discovered the egg that grows in the plant is false. They have found a vegetarian egg diet rich in the same flavor and protein as an alternative to chicken eggs.

According to The Indian Express in September 2019, the Delhi Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) has developed a plant-based “egg”. Soon to introduce mutton, beef, chicken, turkey etc. from the plant base. This vegetarian or counterfeit meat is identical to the original and is produced in laboratories as a healthy alternative to “eco-friendly”.

An egg made with moong (green lentils) will be on display during the Industrial Day celebrations at IIT Delhi on September 21. The research is being led by Kavya Dashora, an assistant professor at the Center for Rural Development and Technology in Delhi.”

A few months ago the white egg bearing plant was shown and virtualized on social websites for teasing as an egg plant. Similarly, they are spreading the ridiculous video of white eggplant by sticking an egg to a plant and claiming that the plant is producing eggs. There is confusion as the Kannada news also showed a photo of a white eggplant plant.



In our search, we came to know that the invention of the vegetarian egg diet by of IIT Delhi was spread falsely as the plant to produce eggs.



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